About us

Cornelia Schmidt Founder and Managing Director

After general qualification for university entrance with a focus on chemistry in 1990, I completed very successfully a training as a beautician. In the following years, I taught at a cosmetology school, worked as an instructor for an emerging cosmetics brand, and ran my own small beauty salon when in 1995 I got the offer from a major cosmetics company to work as an area sales manager. After 12 years which gave me a deep insight into the market and the industry, I had the feeling that it was about time to do something else and new. I graduated with a degree in business administration and international management followed by 8 years of work in the energy sector, 5 of them in a leading position. As I never lost contact and interest in the cosmetics world, I decided in 2016 to become self-employed as a certified trainer and coach for the cosmetics industry and work for the DEHOGA (German hotel and restaurant association) in the field of spa and wellness as a freelance trainer. In order to get one more step closer to cosmetics, I sought ways to develop my own cosmetic line. In nearby Baden-Württemberg, I found a suitable and very competent partner to produce my own cosmetic line. With the foundation of our family business, cosch Cosmetic GmbH, I have reached another milestone in my life.

You're wondering what sets our products apart from the myriad others on the market?

Our Products

"It is important to me to combine and use high quality ingredients effectively. Active ingredients that the skin itself produces are better absorbed and stored by it than foreign substances. In doing so, I have taken care to find suitable combinations of active ingredients, as well as to the combination of the products with each other and their order in the application."

Cornelia Schmidt

Founder and Managing Director

Under this premise, we have selected our suppliers. The recipes are carefully put together with highly effective anti-aging ingredients, herbal extracts, precious oils and vitamins.

Through the integration into various research networks and the active cooperation of our suppliers in the cosmetics association ICADA, we have access to the most modern technologies and research results. Only natural ingredients contribute to a visible smoothing of the skin, support the rebuilding of the cell structure and provide the skin with long-lasting moisture.

By dispensing with conventional emulsifiers, the products obtain a skin-like composition. Like the intercellular components of the human horny layer, they consist of layered membrane structures and can therefore penetrate deeper into the skin to create depots in the epidermis that provide vitamins, enzymes and natural nutrients and support optimal hydration. The double membrane structure serves the active substances as a transport medium.

All our products comply with the latest state of the EC guidelines (KVO and GMP). They are dermatologically tested and have passed with "very good".

Not only the handling of nature is important for us and our suppliers, but also the handling of animals. In the development of our products, no animal experiments are carried out and no animal experiments are commissioned.